How to Shift Left your test strategy? - Part 1

Modern software products are being delivered as a service (SaaS) using cloud technologies. This secular move to cloud and SaaS has changed the way software is developed and deployed. SaaS products give you the means to deliver features and functionality to all your customers very quickly and very often. This also means that any quality issues or outages of your SaaS product will result in large number of unhappy customers. If you look at the root-cause analysis (RCA) of quality issues and defects, you will find that most bugs could have been caught during the design and coding stages. In order to meet the tough quality criteria for SaaS products, we need to test early and test often. This movement towards testing early is what is being called “Shift Left”.

Dunbar numbers and team design

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The Agile Scrum methodology suggests that small scrum teams are more effective in attaining their goals. Amazon’s two-pizza rule also highlights the benefits of smaller teams. The underlying principle is that small teams lead to better collaboration and more agility in execution. There is also a mathematical and social basis for the effectiveness of small teams. In this blog, we will explore the Dunbar numbers and see how these numbers related to the size and effectiveness of software development teams.

Use Google Calendar to remind you to read

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Have you come across a situation when you want to continue reading an interesting online article but do not have enough time? Have you felt the need to add a “reminder to read it later” and block out specific time on your calendar? If the answer to these questions is a Yes, then I will show a simple way to do this using Google Calendar. Before I give a step by step guide to adding a URL to Google Calendar, here are some details about the solution:

Linux Network Namespace – WILT

In the next installment of “What I learnt today” or WILT, I briefly touch upon Network Namespace. I came across Namespace as part of my ongoing study of OpenStack networking. Namespaces are powerful constructs in Linux that allows you to create a copy of the TCP/IP network stack -all the way from the Ethernet interfaces (L2), routing tables etc.

Intel NUC DN2820FYKH Review

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Most of us have “cloud storage” accounts to keep our important files backed up in a central location and yet be accessible across devices. But these accounts have limits unless you are willing to shell out more money. Also the network traffic for big files will eat up into your monthly broadband quota (especially in India). Therefore it is still common to have a “backup” store at home. Most people are probably using USB hard disk drives for this.

Usability of Social Commenting

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One of the biggest differentiation for various social networks is their usability. Let us look at some real world examples of how usability of social commenting can be improved with a simple solution.

Book Review – 101 Myths and Realities @ The Office

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Most management, leadership and self-help books tend to give generic advice and suggestions about how to manage your career at workplace. But in life we find that even similar situations require different actions. The main reason for this is that each situation involves different perspectives, people and possibilities. The book, 101 Myths and Reality @ the Office provides a situational view of our work environment. The book deals with practical situations such as appraisals, hike, promotions etc. And for each situation it gives relevant suggestions to employees as well as managers. This will be a great addition to your office bookshelf as an anytime reference.