WILT – mysql, root and sudo

Sriram S
I came across an interesting behavior that helped me learn something about MySQL (MariaDB to be precise) authentication. In this WILT blog I will talk about the “unix socket” authentication plugin in MySQL/MariaDB. The steps shown in this blog have been tried on Ubuntu 16.04 and MariaDB Server 10. MariaDB Install and root user In some earlier versions of MySQL as well as MariaDB server, the installation process required you to enter password for root user.

ip vs. ifconfig – WILT

Sriram S

One of the most popular networking command in Linux is the ifconfig command. It lets you see (and configure) IP address for network interface. It also shows the MAC address for each interface. The MAC address and the IP address viewing is probably the most common reason for using the ifconfig command. In addition the ifconfig command works with physical network interface (like eth0..) and virtual network interface (like Tap interface etc).

Linux Network Namespace – WILT

In the next installment of “What I learnt today” or WILT, I briefly touch upon Network Namespace. I came across Namespace as part of my ongoing study of OpenStack networking. Namespaces are powerful constructs in Linux that allows you to create a copy of the TCP/IP network stack -all the way from the Ethernet interfaces (L2), routing tables etc.

What I learnt today (WILT) – less command

Sriram S
This is the first blog in a new series that I have wanted to start for a while. The series will be called WILT which stands for What I Learnt Today. In our day to day life, especially at work, we all learn something or at least aspire to learn something. In this series of short blogs, I will share some interesting topics that I come across in my workplace.