Goals for the first half of 2014

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Like previous years, I want to continue the habit of sharing my goals around blogging and learning experiments. Clearly, this update for the first half of 2014 is already late. In addition, I did slip up on the important goals of 2013.

Status of 2013 Goals

Here is my assessment of the goals I had set myself in the second half of 2014.

  1. Complete the blog series on Understanding Virtual Networks
    • Status Update: I completed the blogs related to Linux based Virtual Networking.
    • Coming soon: The blog on VMware based Virtual Networking is just around the corner (belatedly)
    • Pending: OpenStack networking and Open vSwitch
    • Score: 5/10. I should have completed this. There is absolutely no excuse for missing this goal.
  2. Complete the permalink SEO change for this blog
    • Status Update: The permalink changes are still pending.
    • This is an important goal but has wider impact. In order to switch-over to new permalink structure on my blog, I need to make sure that old style permalinks are reachable. I need some time to test all the changes so have been delaying this task.
    • Score: 0/10
  3. Reading up on E-book publishing with focus on Leanpub.com, Amazon.com, Google Play Books
    • Status Update: Finished my reading of Leanpub and Amazon. But Google Play was more of a cursory glance.
    • Though I have read through these resources, I have not yet finalized a strategy or goal for E-book publishing
    • Score: 7/10

Overall assessment: Looking back at 2013, I clearly missed several goals. Though one of my YouTube video crossed 2000 views, I am disappointed that I missed the goal that was closest to my heart.

Goals for 2014 first half

And here is what I have planned for the first half of 2014 (really the remaining 4 months)

  • Complete the Understanding Virtual Networks series
  • Finish the introductory blogs about OpenStack Networking and Open vSwitch
  • Write two curated posts
  • Publish two short YouTube videos

Given that I have about 4 months for these goals and that work pressure will be high during this time, I believe the goals are challenging yet achievable. I hope that in 2014, I become more systematic and consistent with my blogging by using techniques such as curated content.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions to help me become a more regular and effective blogger.