Dunbar numbers and team design

Sriram S

The Agile Scrum methodology suggests that small scrum teams are more effective in attaining their goals. Amazon’s two-pizza rule also highlights the benefits of smaller teams. The underlying principle is that small teams lead to better collaboration and more agility in execution. There is also a mathematical and social basis for the effectiveness of small teams. In this blog, we will explore the Dunbar numbers and see how these numbers related to the size and effectiveness of software development teams.

Book Review – 101 Myths and Realities @ The Office

Sriram S

Most management, leadership and self-help books tend to give generic advice and suggestions about how to manage your career at workplace. But in life we find that even similar situations require different actions. The main reason for this is that each situation involves different perspectives, people and possibilities. The book, 101 Myths and Reality @ the Office provides a situational view of our work environment. The book deals with practical situations such as appraisals, hike, promotions etc. And for each situation it gives relevant suggestions to employees as well as managers. This will be a great addition to your office bookshelf as an anytime reference.

Writing a good job description

Sriram S
Hiring is one of the most important activity for any manager. And the first task in the hiring process, is to write a job description. A “Job Description” is a narrative that describes the different aspects of the job such as responsibility, functions, skills etc. But in practice a typical Job Description (or JD) contains disproportionately more text on the skills required rather than the nature of work itself. A well written Job Description will give potential candidates a very good idea of what they can expect in the new opprtunity.