Software Testing

The 5 pillars of Continuous Integration (CI)

In a blog series about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CD), I described the process of CI and CD at a high level. In this blog, I will talk about the 5 pillars of Continuous Integration and the tools associated with these 5 pillars. I will explain how the interaction of these tools along with an Agile mindset will help you embark on a journey to continuously deliver value to your customers.

How to Shift Left your test strategy? - Part 1

Modern software products are being delivered as a service (SaaS) using cloud technologies. This secular move to cloud and SaaS has changed the way software is developed and deployed. SaaS products give you the means to deliver features and functionality to all your customers very quickly and very often. This also means that any quality issues or outages of your SaaS product will result in large number of unhappy customers. If you look at the root-cause analysis (RCA) of quality issues and defects, you will find that most bugs could have been caught during the design and coding stages. In order to meet the tough quality criteria for SaaS products, we need to test early and test often. This movement towards testing early is what is being called “Shift Left”.