Goals for the first half of 2015

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Here I am once again, with fresh blogging and learning goals for the first half of 2015. This time I am able to share my goals earlier than usual. In the past, I was delayed by almost 2 months. This is clearly a good start for me and I hope that the rest of the year, I am able to stick to a better cadence for my blogging.

Status for 2014 second half goals

Here is my assessment of the goals I had set out for myself last year.

  1. Write 2 blogs related to OpenStack: I am thinking about Open vSwitch and Neutron agents
    • Score - 7/10
    • **Status ** - I did not blog specifically about these topics but I have blogged about Namespace usage in OpenStack and Neutron Components.
  2. Write at least one blog about setting up OpenStack infrastructure
    • Score - 8/10
    • Status - I have blogged about home OpenStack setup. But I wish I had done a bit more. On my Github account I have posted some homegrown scripts for OpenStack installation. But there is still some work pending on that front. Here is the link to the Github project.
  3. Create one YouTube video related to a networking concept.
    • Score - 0/10
    • **Status **- I could not complete this - though I did create a video on a different topic.

In isolation, it may appear that overall I am still lagging behind on my blogging goals. But there are other aspects that are very encouraging.

  • The blog readership is steady and much higher than it used to be earlier. I am averaging around 30 visitors per day.
  • I introduced a new series called WILT - what I learnt today. This series allows me to blog about some odd ball topics just out of the blue.
  • And most importantly, I have a healthy pipeline of topics and ideas for the upcoming year.

Goals for first half 2015

I will continue my focus on OpenStack for the coming 6 months and hopefully learn basics of Python along the way. Here are the goals for the first half of 2015:

  1. Write 2 blogs related to OpenStack: this time I must blog about Open vSwitch and Neutron agents
  2. Write 2 blogs in the WILT series
  3. Create one YouTube video related to OpenStack or Networking

I am setting realistic goals for 2015 so that I can meet them with a bit of stretch.

Comments - Do let me know what you think about these goals by leaving your comments below.