At the beginning of the year, I had set myself few goals related to my blogging and learning activities. This belated mid-year review of those goals already gives an indication of how I have performed against the goals I set for myself.

Status and Score for 2013 1st half goals

  1. Optimize my WordPress install for mobile viewing and better SEO
    • Status Update
      • Mobile version completed. I use Tiga wordpress theme which is Mobile friendly. It provides just enough features that I want.
      • Better SEO -50% complete. The main goal here was to fix the permalinks of my blog posts. I have completed this for one of my two blogs.
      • Overall score -710. I certainly could have done better. But I am happy that I kept with a large number of WordPress updates so far this year.
  2. Complete the blog series on Understanding Virtual Networks
    • The pending items are technology intensive topics such as Linux Bridges, Open vSwitch, VMware Virtual Networking and OpenStack Quantum
    • Status Update
      • As mentioned in my blog about goals, significant amount hands-on learning and experimentation was required for this blog series.
      • While I am happy to say that my knowledge of these areas has grown leaps and bounds, I have failed badly in translating the knowledge into blogs.
      • Overall Score -210.
  3. Understand E-Book publishing concepts.
    • I have started reading up on I also want to explore the technology and business model behind publishing E-Books.
    • The plan is to convert a blog series into an E-Book.
    • Status Update
      • The scores will be lower for this goal since I hardly spent any time in the last 6 months.
      • Overall Score -0/10

The positives

It is quite obvious that I have lagged behind my goals. But there are some key positives during the last six months, that I would like to highlight:

  1. Through video blogging I have found a new medium to share my knowledge and I believe this will be a compelling platform for sharing. I created two YouTube videos in the last six months.
  2. Technical skill update -thanks to my work at Juniper, I have been on a continuous learning curve in some exciting technology areas. This has kept me happily and heavily occupied.

The goals for rest of 2013

Since none of the goals I set earlier have been fully complete, I will persist with the same goals.

  1. Complete the blog series on Understanding Virtual Networks -enough said !
  2. Complete the permalink SEO change for this blog
  3. Reading up on E-book publishing with focus on:
    • Google Play Books