Goals for 2013

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Before I share my goals for the first half of 2013, here is an assessment of my 2012 goals. Around mid 2012, I had set out with some goals to learn a JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 as part of UTM URL Generator project. You can check out those goals here. Around November I reworked some of the milestones of that project and completed most of it recently. The main intention of the UTM URL Generator project was to learn the basics of few technologies.

And my assessment is that I learnt what I set out to learn. Clearly by sharing my goals with a broad audience I felt accountable and hence was able to focus and get the results that I wanted. In more specific technical terms, I also learnt about HTML5 Local Storage, JQuery, classes in JavaScript, Bookmarklet and Media Query. Here are the blogs related to this project:

  1. 4 Important CSS Concepts I learnt
  2. HTML5 Local Storage based preferences for the URL Generator project
  3. HTML5 Local Storage - Tips and Tricks

Goals for 2013

So I am going to continue the tradition of declaring my goals for 2013. Instead of setting targets for the whole year, I am going to work on few goals for the first half of 2013. So here they are:

  1. Optimize my WordPress install for mobile viewing and better SEO
  2. Complete the blog series on Understanding Virtual Networks
    • The pending items are technology intensive topics such as Linux Bridges, Open vSwitch, VMware Virtual Networking and OpenStack Quantum
  3. Understand E-Book publishing concepts.
    • I have started reading up on leanpub.com. I also want to explore the technology and business model behind publishing E-Books.
    • The plan is to convert a blog series into an E-Book.

So those are the goals for the first half of 2013. They may be just three goals but given the workload at office and certain other personal commitments, I believe these goals will be more than a handful. The Virtual Networking series would require a good amount of hands-on experimentation and authoring effort.

Besides these, I will continue blog on and off on other topics of relevance and interest. The implicit goal is to be more consistent with my blogging.