Changes to my URL Generator Project Milestones

Today I want to announce some changes in the milestones and roadmap of my URL Generator Project.

As per the original plan, the next important milestones were as follows:

  • R1.1 – Use Object Oriented Javascript and cleanup the code
  • R1.2 – Store settings in cookies and support Browser shortcuts like (bookmarklet)
  • R2.0 – Use JQuery and optimize the code further
  • R2.1 – Use HTML5 browser side storage (instead of cookies)

During my technical investigation, I found that using HTML5 local storage was so easy that using cookies was not a viable option. And since I am not targetting any older non-HTML5 compatible browsers the decision to skip cookies was healthy 🙂

But to use HTML5 local storage, I needed to dabble with reading and setting form components. While this can be done with Javascript, I figured that JQuery makes it very very easy. Lastly, there is no strong reason to have settings persistence along with a bookmarklet implementation.

For these reasons I am changing the milestones of my URL generator project to the following:

  • 1.1 – Bookmarklet support (coding has been completed and will be available on my web page soon)
  • 2.0 – Use HTML5 Local Storage and also use JQuery for code optimization. Target completion date: December 15, 2012
  • 2.1 – Use Object Oriented Javascript and cleanup code.** Target completion date: December 31, 2012**

Just like a Product Line Manager, my mind has few more ideas for enhancing this tool. The most prominent are making this a browser app and integration. This requires more feasibility study and commitment. So I am planning to defer this for the time being. If anyone is interested in this trying this out, do let me know. I can work with you for this integration. I will give you due credit on my web site.