How I am learning JavaScript and CSS

At the beginning of the year, Scott Lowe, a specialist in virtualization, networking and storage, posted his project list for 2012. He had set a few goals for his learning and development. Last week [Scott posted an honest assessment][1] of how he has been performing on his own goals.

Why would anyone share their personal goals on the Internet? Because once you share your goals, visitors of your blog and people who know you would like to know how you are progressing. This curiosity will result in a sense of accountability and push you to ensure systematic progress on those goals. Another benefit is that you will plan your goals and the deliverables better.

This exercise from Scott has motivated me to share a goal that I had set for myself. One of my personal goals this year has been to learn more about the following technologies:

  • JavaScript
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • HTML5

In order to learn new technologies, I strongly believe in working on some practically useful projects, even if you have invent one for yourself. So I created a small project to help me develop my knowledge in the above areas. It is called “UTM URL Builder” and is based on [my blog about Google Analytics][2].

And I am happy to share that the first milestone of the roadmap has been implemented and the [UTM URL Builder is hosted here][3].


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